This Behaviour Triggers Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Sexually transmitted diseases today need to be wary of because they are vulnerable to everyone being infected. Not everyone has a high risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) because not all lifestyle can trigger the risk of STD transmission. However, there are certain behaviours that may increase the risk of contracting STDs. If you feel that you are contaminated by people with STD, you can do PEP Singapore.

What behaviours increase the risk of STD?

1. Sex without condoms

Although condom use does not mean you are not exposed to STDs, condom use is one of the best ways to avoid STD transmission when you have sex. The use of condoms during intercourse has the effect of reducing transmission risk. Make condoms a good habit that is routinely done for the good of you and your partner.

2. Switch between pairs

Yes, this is very clear. The more couples you have of course the higher the risk of STD transmission. Know, the perpetrators who alternate couples have a tendency that may not be realised by them that the couple they usually choose is also liked to change.

3. Knowing sex early without good education

Do you know that teenagers and young adults are more vulnerable to STDs than those who are old enough? This is because biologically young women tend to have a smaller body that makes it easier to tear during intercourse. Their cervix is not fully developed so it is more susceptible to chlamydia, gonorrhoea and other STDs. Keep in mind, young people rarely use condoms and are more likely to risk sexually, especially if they are under the influence of alcohol.

4. Excessive alcohol use

Excessive use of alcohol and excessive amounts can cause your mind to clear up decisions, including unsafe sex behaviour. Especially if you lose consciousness, you might wake up in the morning with a feeling of confusion somewhere and with an unknown partner.

5. Use of drugs

Anyone knows the use of illegal drugs causes you to be unstable in making decisions including regarding sexual intercourse. Keep in mind also, the use of syringes that alternately increase the risk for HIV and Hepatitis! You certainly do not want it if one day you regret it because of careless mistakes that could have been avoided?