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When to get assistance from a Professional Plumbing Service Provider?

Plumbing issues are part and parcel of any establishment. The installation and maintenance of a sound plumbing system are paramount for any building’s proper functioning, whether that be a home or an administrative building. While there certainly are some issues which we can successfully deal with ourselves, there is a time when one must understand that professional help is required. Singapore offers a vast array of plumbing service providers. Once you are equipped with the correct knowledge, you shall be capable of choosing the best plumbing SG according to your unique plumbing issue.

When to call a plumber?

Given below are a comprehensive list of issues for which may require professional assistance. If your particular case is not mentioned in the list, ensure that you do not take any undue risks; call a plumber to check the problem to be on the safe side.

  • Your home is receiving no water supply at all. This is a clear sign for you to call in your plumber. Firstly, check with your neighbours whether only your house has lost its water supply or whether it’s a building or community issue. Significant leaks in the water system, frozen pipes or problems with the main water line could cause severe damage to your establishment since the water that should be reaching your plumbing may be getting leaked somewhere else altogether. If this water is dumped in the wrong place, you could find yourself facing a severe health and safety risk, not to mention a huge water bill and environmental damage as well.
  • Your water heater is accumulating moisture on its surface. This is often termed as ‘sweating’ and usually indicates a slow leak of some sort. These leaks can be caused by minor cracks in your pipes or casing. It is essential to deal with these issues as they arise since they may later take on the shape of a much graver danger, mainly due to your heater’s involvement. Other signs to look out for which indicate your heater isn’t working efficiently include corrosion on its surface, rusty spots in the surrounding pipes or a large water pool near the heater. Ensure that your plumber also checks for gas leaks and electrical issues when they come to investigate.
  • Your sink drainage is not working. This issue usually occurs when something obstructs the water flow in your pipes, causing the water to drain out slowly from your sinks, bathtubs, toilets or other plumbing appliances. Some minor blockages can be managed without professional intervention, but some blocks are too severe to solve using a drain cleaner and a plunger. If your blockage issue seems serious, do not take any undue risks and call in your plumber since too much internal pressure in your piping could cause a larger crack to occur.
  • You seem to be facing a severe backflow issue. If your toilet fixtures and other pipes are back flowing, i.e., if they are regurgitating water and other materials, this may be due to a significant blockage in one of your main lines. This could be a severe problem since you may find your floors and other furniture getting soiled due to the dirty water back flowing out of your drainage.
  • There is no water pressure in multiple fixtures. Sometimes, we find a particular showerhead or sink tap displaying signs of low water pressure. This can usually be attributed to a sediment deposit in your aerator caused by hard water particles accumulating. This singular fixture issue can be dealt with personally since you need to clean out the aerator with intense scrubbing or a vinegar soak. However, if you find that multiple fixtures in your home suddenly begin to display low water pressure that may indicate a more serious underlying issue. Call in your plumber at the earliest to investigate the cause.

Steps to take before calling in a plumber in Singapore

  • In case you are currently residing in an HDB flat, make sure to communicate with your town council before calling in an independent contractor since many town councils have pre-existing contracts or tenders in place.
  • You can get free quotations from the online portal for Income Home Services. Fill out the form with your queries to receive a fair understanding of the market rate for a particular plumbing job.
  • Get service details in writing to avoid payment disputes later. Have a formal draft that declares the job to be performed, plus any add on services or guaranteed warranties.
  • Ensure that you supervise the plumbing service provider personally to ensure that there is no miscommunication. This prevents incomplete or unsatisfactory plumbing jobs. There are mainly 5 cheap plumbers in Singapore, so you can choose wisely.

Professional Touch

Some plumbing jobs look very simple at first sight, and people thought they could easily fix them all by themselves. Although, they may be more challenging to resolve and need a professional touch. One of the benefits of hiring a reputed plumbing services company is that they have an experienced team of plumbers with a wide range of skills and desired knowledge who know the perfect solutions to solve any jobs regarding plumbing systems.

Available In Emergency

Good plumbers will know the value of the proper functioning of a plumbing system in a household. So, they should be available for an immediate call with the latest equipped tools, e.g. taps, tubbing cutter, locking plier, Teflon tape, pipe wrench, ladders, etc. Then, you can be assured that your problems will be solved effectively.

Plumbing issues can be time-consuming and costly to deal with. They can cause significant hindrance to your day to day activity, and unresolved plumbing issues can lead to more significant problems in the future, forcing you to expend even more effort and resources into fixing them. While it is true that some issues can be tackled personally if they are small scale enough, you must know what you are doing before attempting these repairs since you may end up hurting yourself or causing more irreversible damage in the long run. Singapore has a host of efficient plumbing service providers who are quick responders and charge reasonable prices for their services. Armed with the correct information, it becomes possible to tackle plumbing issues in a swift, safe and hassle-free manner.