Can STD Transmit Through Public Toilets?

We must often hear how dirty and full of bacteria are public toilets. For this reason, it is good we immediately wash hands with soap so as not exposed to the bacteria that cause disease. However, there is a question that arises if we use public toilets. Given that this toilet is used by many people, is it possible if a sexually transmitted disease can be transmitted through the use of a public toilet? To know more about STD, you can visit STD Clinic Singapore.

Health experts from Sidney Sexual Health Center, Australia, mentioned if these fears are understandable but not true. Although bacteria and viruses that can trigger sexually transmitted diseases can stick to toilet seats, however, they tend to die instantly out of the human body. Bacteria and viruses are not going to last long at temperatures that tend to dry and hot so before the toilet sat touched by the skin of others, bacteria and viruses are dead.

Sexually transmitted diseases will only be transmitted through sexual activity, whether it be sex, oral sex, or through skin and skin like genital wart infection. In addition to these activities, the disease is likely to not be able to move to others. According to him, until now, there has never been found a case of someone affected by sexually transmitted diseases because of the use of public toilets.

Although certainly will not transmit sexually transmitted diseases, it’s good we still maintain the cleanliness of the body after using public toilets. We should always wash our hands with soap and dry it well so we will prevent the spread of various bacteria and germs that can trigger digestive problems.

In addition, many may not know that a person’s body odour may indicate that the person is infected with a sexually transmitted disease, although not everyone who has a different body odour is then considered to have a sexually transmitted disease. Men infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) turned out to emit a different body aroma, this aroma can be recognised by women by just sniffing the scent of a man’s body.

This conclusion is drawn from research conducted by researchers from Russia and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, this study using rats and humans as objects. Male rats that emit a distinctive aroma from this STD will not be approached by female rats. And this has also been done in humans, the result, 50 percent of women categorise the body odour of men with STDs with a foul odour. This also indicates if humans can recognise the scent of a potential partner, in this case, does not suffer from STD.

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