Inclusion that You Need to Know When Getting a Maid Insurance in Singapore

Hey folks, finding it tough to get inclusions about getting a Maid insurance in Singapore? If yes, then you are at the right destination for it. There are many difficulties faced during the selection of insurance for maids in Singapore. If you are not aware of the importance of instances for maids in Singapore, then this is one for you. Here, you must know that the Singapore Government has made it compulsory for the families to get insurance for their maid. You cannot afford to hire a maid without getting insurance on her name. There are different types of insurances for Maids which can be considered by you.

First, you have to know that there are many maid insurance companies in the market. These insurance companies will offer you different types of insurance with different terms and conditions applied to them.

These terms and conditions are the most important factor which should be considered before opting for insurance. You cannot afford to get insurance for your made second time in a row. This is because the first choice should be the last one due to high money inclusion. We do not want you to get trapped in insurance where the benefits are not that helpful. You can find different types of insurances like the best critical illness insurance singapore, maid insurance etc. Even though all insurance companies will provide you with the finance required for the future of your maid, there is a difference.

The maid insurance should be beneficial for both you and the maid.

There are many misconceptions which should get clear at the time of opting for insurance. This is because once you have taken insurance for your maid, there is no running back. We highly recommend you to follow the procedure of selection of the best insurance for your maid. First of all, you need to get clear of the inclusions about insurance for maids in Singapore. There are several inclusions in an Insurance Contract of a Maid in Singapore. Therefore, in this article, we will take a deeper look at this topic.

Inclusions in an Insurance for Maids in Singapore

Pre-existing Conditions

  • Pre-existing conditions are nothing but the health situations which existed before the insurance. These conditions also come under serious health conditions but not under the insurance contract. This is because the insurance contractor will make sure that their money is not used without any fair reason to support it. This means a fair and legal reason should be behind the use of the money which will be provided by the insurance company. There are many health conditions which are not covered by the insurance company due to its time of occurrence. When a condition does not occur during the time of insurance, the company will not cover it.
  • This is because the coverage of these insurance companies is bound to an extent. This extent does not cover the health issues which existed before the insurance was taken for the maid. But there is an option which will make sure that the expense if that pre-existing health condition is covered by the company. This can be done by the company if the maid is working in Singapore for over a year. This time period should be considered before getting insurance for your maid. Also, if the maid was under the insurance contract which covers the pre-existing health condition, but can also be covered. This is because the health condition is a serious health issue which cannot be left without being covered.

Travelling or Vacation Injuries

  • In Singapore, almost every family visits a decent vacation place to get the mood right. This has become quite common due to the stress level, which is on humans. The vacation is a time where all the members of the family enjoy their time off the daily work which they have been doing. There should not be an issue in such vacations, and here, the maids are in real trouble. The families often ask the maids to join them due to their emotional connection and bond with their made. In such cases, the maids usually get to travel to great places and enjoy the vacation on their own.
  • We would like to state that the injury of any other health damage occurred on vacation does not come under the insurance company criteria for coverage. Activities like running, cycling, skydiving etc. are most likely to cause some trouble. In such cases, the insurance company will not consider the incident at all. Since the hospital charges and expenses are under the insurance, the maid will not get the payment of the refund. This is because the maid was travelling with the family and not alone. To cover such expenses, travel insurance can be a great option for you in that case.

Travelling without any companion

If you think that your maid comes under the insurance contract throughout the employment, this bit is completely wrong. This is because the insurance company will make sure that the claim is not supported with some solid backing. For example, if your maid gets dengue much is it common and is covered under almost every insurance for maid, financial assistance will not be provided. This is because your maid was not travelling with you, which will cause her to get nothing for the insurance company.

On the other side, if the maid is travelling with you, the insurance company will provide you with financial assistance. Here, the inclusion of travelling with you should be given equal importance due to its common occurrence. You are not supposed to get in touch with the insurance company when your maid was travelling alone. The benefit will be derived only if your worker or maid was with you at the time.

These are some major inclusions of maid insurance in Singapore. We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary information needed.