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Top 5 Online Wet Market Stalls in Singapore that Provide Free Delivery Starting with Orders Above S$50

With the recent challenges brought by the pandemic, it’s great to see that wet markets are now online. Their existence has brought us a lot of benefits, such as convenience. Also, it has given us time and money savings.     

We know that you are looking for more savings. Thus, we have listed below the top online wet markets that offered free delivery with just a minimum order of S$50. 

1. TADA Fresh – Free Delivery for Orders Above S$50 

TADA Fresh offers Singapore wet market delivery straight from 3 main wet markets in Singapore: Tiong Bahru, Tekka, and 216 Bedok.  It caters to a wide range of products from fresh to dry produce.  You can find fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fresh seafood online, frozen foods, eggs, tofu, fresh noodles, YTF, steamboat, cooking essentials, dried goods, spices, coffee beans, beverages, Taiwanese specialties, even flower, and plants. 

With just purchases above S$50, you get free delivery. They will deliver it the next day between 2-6 pm fresh straight to your doorstep. 

There’s no need to shop with the crowd and experience queues in the wet markets. Also, there’s no need for you to transfer one stall to another. With online wet markets, all you just need to do is search for the product you’re looking for and add it to your cart. 

2. PurelyFresh – Free delivery for orders above S$50

PurelyFresh is among the online grocery stores in Singapore that provide wet market products. It offers free delivery for orders above S$50. It’s so easy to reach this amount since you have a wide range of choices. 

PurelyFresh offers fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, and Yong Tau Fu. You can even customise your favourite seafood and meat. You can have it sliced, chopped, minced, de-skin, or gutted. 

They will deliver the products on the very next day.  Currently, they are not offering customised time delivery. 

Using the PurelyFresh website is also easy. You can go by categories or search the product using their search bar and then add it to the cart and pay it. 

3. Market Boy – Free delivery for orders above S$60 

When you’re looking for fresh produce or products from wet markets, another Singaporean online wet market that you can count on is the Market Boy. It began its journey in April 2020 during the circuit breaker period. It’s an initiative of helping the local wet market hawkers. It aims to digitalise Singapore’s wet markets. 

It provides free delivery for orders of S$60. Also, you can easily achieve this amount since you have wide fresh grocery selections. It can deliver your orders the next day. To ensure the freshness of your groceries, make sure that you order before 4 pm. 

Ordering at their website is also easy. You can browse through their categories, or you can select products through searching over the search bar. 

4. Fresh Stop –  Free delivery for orders above S$60 

Fresh Stop also provides doorstep delivery of fresh groceries from wet market hawkers. Currently, there is no minimum order at Fresh Stop. They provide free delivery for orders above S$60. 

Achieving free delivery is also so easy since you have a wide range of products to choose from. You can even buy delicious ready-to-cook meals here. 

Fresh Stop’s mission is to provide free delivery of fresh foods at affordable prices.  They have over 300 plus selections. They can deliver your orders the next day if you have to buy before 4 pm. 

Ordering is so easy.  You may shop by category or using the search bar. And, then add it to the cart, choose your delivery date and pay. You may also start shopping by checking out its bestseller. 

5. MarketFresh – Free delivery for orders above S$68 

Another online wet market that provides fresh and dry produce delivered at your doorstep is MarketFresh. Same with TADA Fresh, groceries came from wet markets in Singapore. They are the new generation of wet market stall owners. 

They operate just like the wet market from Tuesday to Sunday.  And, they delivered between 12 pm to 6 pm. Also, if you want a customised time of delivery, you can choose Lalamove.   

To get more money savings and if you want to get a free to deliver, you must purchase above S$68. And, it is not hard to reach that amount because it carries a wide range of wet market products such as fresh seafood, vegetables, meats, fruits, and a lot more.  

They make sure that they will deliver it fresh since their groceries are delivered in refrigerated Lorries. 

With these online grocery delivery stores providing wet market products, there’s no need to go out, and you much safer. Experience the convenience and get more savings with these online wet market stalls. Stay safe and enjoy shopping in the comfort of your home.