Maid Insurance Conditions You Must Know To Save On Your Domestic Worker Medical Costs

In this article, we are going to discuss what are some maid insurance conditions to know before you buy. Also, we are going to tell you about what a maid is and how to save the FWD medical expenses.

What is a maid?

Maid is a person who is appointed to take care of the household and other things. The maid can help a person to become stress-free by completing their household chores. This means that they are a kind of domestic helpers who help in day-to-day working. They will take care of your household and other related things for you.

Usually, people in Singapore are busy as it is an expensive country to live in. So the people there work all the time without taking enough breaks. This means that in a household, the husband and the wife are both working for their future. That is why they appoint a maid to take care of their house when they are gone.

The maid is kept for a simple reason which is to clean the house and arrange everything. The maids are also given a list of bringing the groceries from the market. The maids are available in a huge number in Singapore due to more demand for them.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is made to look after the working and conditions of the maids. They will check which employer is following the rules and are keeping the maid happy and paying on time.

What is maid insurance?

This is a type of insurance that is made mandatory by MOM to purchase for all employers. The insurance policy is taken to cover any kind of expense that occurs on the maid.The maid can either be ill, or she might need to go to the hospital, so everything is covered. This is a must because the employer should have enough money to pay for all the expenses.

Maid insurance covers not only medical expenses but also liability expenses. This means that if something is damaged by the maid, it is already covered for. That means the total repair cost is also included in the policy itself when it is redeemed.

The policy is a must to have when you have opted for the service of a maid from another country. That is because the helper is from another country, and if anything happens to her, the name will go on the employer. This is because the helper was appointed by the employer and given a guarantee of all expenses cover.

Maid insurance coverage is the things which it has insides its terms and conditions. That is because you never know when there might come a sudden time when the maid needs the money. The money can either be needed at the time of medicines or at the time of surgery. Maid insurance has a term period of 1 year to 2 ½ years, after which it has to be renewed.

Three things you need to know about maid insurance?

Maid insurance is usually of a small term, so here are something’s you have to know before you buy them.

  •  Hospitalization coverage is limited to the ward and hospital type

This means that the hospital coverage that comes with maid insurance is limited also. They are limited to the expenses that occur in the ward and also depend on hospital type. You can’t just go into any hospital and show them the insurance contact and get treatment. There is a method, and also, they have selected a hospital list where you can avail the insurance policy.

The policy is just limited to the B1 ward of the list of hospitals on the website. If you have awarded in the A-side, then all the expenses are covered by the employer only. This means that you will have to arrange a 30% – 50% amount before the deal. Some people will give you private hospital coverage, and some might not.

  •  Overseas hospitalization is charged when the FDW travels with the employers

The maid insurance is a kind of protection taken when the maid is working under your directions. But what will happen if the maid decided to leave or go home for some time. The coverage will depend on the employer and the term of the loan which they have taken.

There is only a few medical coverage insurance company that gives this policy. To pay the amount of the bank business or you can also go directly. The policy will only work if the maid is with you when the disease has happened. This is the main time when the employer should be near the maid to save her life.

The employer will have to take her to the hospital immediately if she feels ill. You can also take a Hong Leong critical illness plan, which covers all the heavy expenses. This will also save you from incoming expenses like paying from your pocket. This is a plan that covers all the disease treatment, and it is covered by the plan itself.

  •  Dental and pre-illness are not considered

Unfortunately, the law does not allow the company to approve the loan because they already have the illness. It is also a mandatory thing for the maid to mention any kind of disease she has before applying for work. That way, the system can take precautions and will give her time to rest until she is fine.

Another thing is that maid should not do a job if she has an illness. That is because they will not allow the FDW to travel internationally with a disease. This could simply lead to more infections.

How to save FDW healthcare expenses?

Regardless of the policy or the illness, the employer must pay the expenses. Since medical insurance is more costly and expensive to afford, they combine many kinds of policies. The most common policy in every loan is personal, business, medical cover, surgery cover, etc.