4 Tips To Reduce Your Phone Bills

Keeping in touch with loved ones, family members, business partners, friends, etc., at any given time, night or day, has become much easier with the use of cell phones. This, in turn, has its own cost – rising phone bills. With the rise of bills, it adds on to monetary stress and sometimes you might have to look for alternative to get advance cash to tide over. Thus, it is necessary to seek ways of cutting down or reducing the costs of mobile phone usage. Here are some of the ways of achieving this while making effective use of your cell phone:

1. Go straight to the point

When making business calls or contacts avoid unnecessary niceties and go straight to the point, cutting of needless details. If during the conversation the person you are calling veers off the main topic of discussion, call attention to this digression and bring the person back on track.

2. Promptly pick up or answer incoming calls

Keep your cell phone handy and promptly answer incoming calls. This way, you will be saving (Discover more about Singapore Fixed Deposit Rates) yourself money you would have spent in returning missed calls. Some telephone conversations especially from acquaintances do last for as short as, 30 seconds or as long as 5 to 10 minutes. If you miss such once or twice in a day and have to call back, imagine how much avoidable expenses you would have incurred in a month.

3. Be cautious of strange promotions

Most of the service providers now embark on cut-throat promos in their quest to attract more customers. Some of these offers need to be carefully studied before you subscribe to them so as to avoid being trapped or subjected to unnecessary cell phone charges that add little or no value yet constitute nuisance to you.

4. Maximally use your free airtime

Each time you recharge, some service providers do offer free airtime of a percentage of the value of the recharge in their bid to retain their customers and lure prospective ones. Ensure you maximally utilize the free airtime given to you as this usually has limited duration of days within which to use before it lapses.

5. Use Text Messages Often

It takes much longer time to explain some things orally through cell phone calls. Discussing an issue might take up to 2 to 5 minutes to explain whereas such matters if explained and sent through text messages (which are relatively cheaper) will greatly reduce your cell phone bills.

6. Compare Charges by various Service Providers

Service providers charge different rates for the same or similar products or services – calls, text messages and data plans. Compare the charges and opt for pocket-friendly ones thereby reducing mobile phone bills.

Have you ever wanted to reduce your phone bills? Having a cell phone can be very expensive. A lot of people today have more than 2 phones. We spend a lot of time talking to people over the phone and sometimes we don’t notice how much we spend.

Other ways you can reduce your phone bills

1. Try to talk less on the phone.

I know that some people find this hard to do but try to talk less. Instead of talking of talking on the phone, try to meet up face to face. In addition, it is not healthy to talk too long on the phone due to the amount of radiation being emitted from the phone.

2. Use a pay phone. In some countries, using a pay phone is cheaper than using a cell phone. Most countries like Australia have untimed calls to landline. If you call from a cell phone, you have to pay per minute plus flag fall fee. If you call by a landline, you just pay 50c untimed call. So you can talk as long as you desire.

3. Text message the person instead of calling your friend or family member. A SMS doesn’t cost much compared to a phone call. Also, you don’t waste valuable time talking about unrelated things and you can get to the point very quickly.

4. Email the person on your phone instead of talking or texting the other person. Most modern phones will allow you to send email. Emails are much cheaper than sending a text message or a call. Another great thing about using an email is that you can attach photos or audio onto the file.

5. Call the person first and then hang up. Make sure you got caller ID on so that the person who you called knows which person you are. Most people will call you back and you won’t have to pay anything for the phone call. However, be careful with some people as they will get annoyed with you.

6. Use internet telephone services such as Skype to make your phone calls. They are much cheaper than landline and cell phones. You can join up with Skype for free and pay only for what you use. Or, you can purchase a phone plan where you can make specific numbers of phone calls at a discounted price.

7. Choose a different phone plan. There are plenty of other great deals you can choose.